Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Solutions
This system interfaces existing databases to interpret and or create user-specific (customised) EDI files on container transactions. Extracts interpreted and generated include the Container gate-in/cate-out report message (CODECO) within the context of EDIFACT Container messages as well as the Container discharge/loading report message (COARRI) just to name a few.

Cargo Release system
This system is customised to import manifest data from multiple sources such as Microsoft Excel, into structured query language databases which subsequently become the base data for processing client request. These services include releasing cargo, raising invoices, tracking customer bills of lading, vessel arrival and freight payments.

Development and implementation of a Customer Billing System
According to User requirements. A key feature in the system is the automatic retrieval of all relevant information from other reference databases – GCNet, Navis System, Excel Templates – for the generation of required invoices and monitoring of payments.

Development of a Payroll and Personnel System
For managing the payroll processing of companies. The package is usually customised for clients according to their specifications.

Development of a multi-user Devaning Terminal Management System
Used in managing and monitoring the delivery of Containers for storage, Release of cargo to consignees as well as Cargo discharged, storage and management at the Container Freight Station.

Development of a Port Operations, Information Management and Decision Support Systems
This package focuses on the traditional Stevedores Timesheets for the generation of various statistical reports.

Development of an integrated multi-user Electronic Filing System (E-Filing System)
Which is used for electronically storing paper documents through a scanning procedure. This allows for easy retrieval of document using the computer without having to flip through archives of stored files.

The Flexible Reporting System
The system developed enables the extraction of data parameters from GCNet databases, namely the declarant and the manifest databases to generate data which forms the backend for the flexible reporting system. The system provides the means for selecting a combination data fields to generate various financial reports.

Development of a Container Tracking System
This package is used in the Port for generating reports on the status and position of any container as well as the Dwell time for billing and statistical purposes.

Standard Manitrans
Development of a standard version of Manitrans where GCNet periodically transmits manifest data to third party users. The data as transmitted contains the relevant information for processing customer requests [generating Cash Delivery Invoices, waybills, container release notes, etc].The standard version of manitrans acts as an interface that processes and transfers the GCNet manifest data into local databases which in turn become the data source for electronic processing of customer requests.

Computerisation of Kotoka International Airport, Port Handling Unit Operations
This involved Systems Analysis, and Software Development of a Purchase Order Tracking and Clearance Performance Monitoring System.

Development of a Terminal Management System
This package serves as an aid for the effective positioning and management of containers landed at the Port. Its usage is paramount to minimize "turn-around time" i.e. the time spent for the loading and discharging of containers, which is of great necessity to both the terminal operators and the vessel operators.

Development of Integrated Manifest Based Billing and Statistical System
This package uses electronic manifest data transmitted through the GCNet to GSA as the basis for billing Shipping Lines and analysing statistical data on imports.

Development of a Manifest Transfer Software (Manitrans EDI)
based on the input and output requirements of the GCNet system. This software transfers incoming electronic manifest data [EDI Manifest] of various shipping companies /agents into the format acceptable to GCNet through an existing Import Module in the GCNet System. This converted data is then imported directly into the agent's GCNet Front End system for onward transmission. User companies therefore avoid the routine of retyping the entire hardcopy manifest into the GCNet System via a frontend before submitting it.

Software re-engineering on existing database for capturing and monitoring chemical sellers, pharmacists and pharmaceutical concerns for Nationwide System Analysis, Evaluation.

Consultancy services in maintenance of Information Systems
covering software package that manages data on all registered Limited liability companies, partnerships, sole proprietorships, business names, trade marks, etc. (From August 1998 to year 2002). In 1999 the package was upgraded from DOS platform to Microsoft Windows platform and in the process made it Y2K compliant.

Development of Consumer Price Index (CPI)
package used in capturing commodity prices, analysing and processing data to generate parameters that eventually lead to determining inflation rates in the country. The package has been installed on computers at the regional price collection centres nationwide. By means of a wide area network, regional collection centres transmit data to the server at the head-office on monthly basis for processing.

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