Solid Foundation
Times-End is a privately held organisation with a number of software development experts both fully employed and part-time contractors who share a single culture based on strong ethical principles. We have over twelve (12) years history of consistent growth, success, and profitability in our field of operation.

Only The “A” Team
You get only A-level players assigned to your project because we hire only the best. Our clients tell us that we communicate exceptionally well, and that our teams are talented, fast, and can be counted on to meet or exceed their expectations.

Focused On Your Needs
We are focused on serving the needs of our clients. We establish lasting relationships based on helping our clients succeed with their products and services.

Proven Product Development Skills
Because of our experience developing our own industry-leading products and development tools, we understand what it takes to help others create successful, innovative software solutions and to bring them to market on schedule and within budget. With our experienced resources, we can also help you increase your available bandwidth.

Success Stories
We have referential customers, especially in the two main harbour regions of Ghana, where our software are being used to enhance and successfully achieve business objectives on a daily basis.

Our Results Speak For Themselves
We can help you get the job done with outstanding results - and often in less time, at a lower cost, and with less risk than if you had to build your own “A” team and do it yourself.

About Us

We have emerged as a formidable force in the Development of Information Technology Solutions for Ports and Harbours operations.We have successfully worked hard to provide workable solutions for the Port and Harbour related businesses.

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