At Times-End “C” Computers, we offer the drive for great organisational solutions that combine vast experiences across industries (Shipping, Freight Forwarding and Logistics) with profound skills in IT outsourcing and knowledge of business functions. Our approach harnesses industry expertise and excellent technology and outsourcing skills to deliver cost-effective business solutions.

We develop high performance software on highly reliable platforms. Over the years we have transformed development platforms from Microsoft Access through MS Visual Basic and SQL Server; we are currently on Visual Studio.Net (C#,VB.Net) supported at the backend by Sequel.

A message by which a terminal, depot, etc. confirms that the containers specified have been delivered or picked up by the inland carrier (road, rail or barge). This message can also be used to report internal terminal container movements (excluding loading and discharging the vessel) and to report the change in status of container(s) without those containers having physically been moved. This message is part of a total set of container-related messages. These messages serve to facilitate the intermodal handling of containers by streamlining the information exchange.

MySQL User specifications are used to design high quality websites, using the most current technical tools from scratch. We utilize the finest imaging tools to ensure that your end product is not only functional, but also professionally appealing. Among a bunch of Development and Design Services offered at TECC-GH are:

    1. Web Site
    2. Single Page Design
    3. Web Customization
    4. Web Maintenance
    5. E-Commerce Solutions
    6. CMS Driven Websites
    7. Flash Development
    8. XML Web Services
    9. User Subscription, Registration and Management
    10. Personalization; and
    11. Integration with Off-site Services.
  • Search Engines
  • Authenticators
  • Billing/Payment Processes

We offer affordable web and email hosting facilities at competitive prices for Individuals, Businesses and Corporate organisations. We also offer 24/7 FTP Access to your hosted files. As a professional web hosting provider, we use only high quality, custom-built servers. This is to ensure your website will be hosted on a reliable hardware that provides fast and optimum performance. Our servers are connected to multiple upstream bandwidth providers. This means that if one connection is down the others will continue to provide the necessary connectivity to your website, which will reduce downtime to your web site to almost zero. 

We offer solutions that are designed to enable our customers have immediate access to highly trained networking experts who provide 24 hour remote support and offsite consulting on potential issues before they become costly inhibitors to service delivery. With ever increasing demands on costly IT resource and complexity of technology, such an integrated, high quality support solution can improve operational efficiency, minimise exposure to risk and reduce operating cost.

1. PC, Server & Printer Maintenance
2. Service Level Agreements/ Contracts/ Time-based Services 

TECC-GH can keep you connected from anywhere.Be in your home/business without physically being present.From one to dozens of security cameras,we can connect you to your home/business with as low a cost as possible. 

At Times-End “C” Computers, We are committed to providing high quality, lifetime service support for all weighing equipment. We always ensure that your equipment is both accurate and compliant.We are focused on maintenance that keeps your weighing equipment working at maximum efficiency and costly emergency breakdowns. Our highly trained service technicians will work with you to identify potential issues before they arise to ensure that your equipment is running reliably and accurately. 

Public Address (PA) Systems play a vital role in crisis management and co-coordinating response actions during an emergency situation. This is more so if the crisis occurs in a public place, crowded areas, markets, railway stations, offices, hotels etc. The central control room staff can use PA systems effectively for conveying instructions on emergency and evacuation procedures that need to be followed. They are important for crowd management and aid in directing people to safety. PA systems can also be used for addressing entire workforce/ visitors simultaneously or for delivering centralized piped background music or for any other purpose.

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We have emerged as a formidable force in the Development of Information Technology Solutions for Ports and Harbours operations.We have successfully worked hard to provide workable solutions for the Port and Harbour related businesses.

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