• City Zone
  • Hotel
  • Community
  • Ferry
  • Campus
  • Summit
  • VPN Police

LAN Expansion

  • LAN to LAN Expansion
  • Coast Guard
  • Cybercafé’s
  • LAN for 2 Metro Sites
  • Office Data-Voice-Cam
  • Typical Hospital Linkup

Rural and Remote Telephony

  • GSM Cell Extension Expansion
  • Phone Kiosk - Call – Comm. Centre
  • Remote Telephony Linkup

WLAN / Wi-Fi Solutions

  • Wireless Portable Surveillance Application
  • Powerful Outdoor USB for Vehicle Application up to 4Km non-LOS
  • Solar Panel + inverter: power supply/back-up application
  • MESH-Smart easy deployment for laptops, USB… WISP X-ring application
  • SIP server/IP PBX + AP + Wi-Fi handset
  • Serial port to Ethernet: SCADA, PLC, POS
  • Wirelessly Connecting 2 PABX
  • Power Inverter for heavy-duty power supply back up
  • High-speed Powerline Ethernet networking
  • On-line sign-in credit card billing solution
  • Mesh Solution
  • Wireless ISP Solution
  • TV over WLAN Hotel Hot-spot
  • Campus Hot-spot
  • Long Range Wireless Surveillance
  • Corporation LAN Expansion Solution
  • City Zone Hot-spot

Telecom Solutions

  • Wireless P-2-P VOIP Hotline (Rural Telephony)
  • Wireless E1/T1 Telecom Solution
  • Long Distance Rural Central Office
  • Long Distance Rural Call Cabin

Surveillance (+FSEC)

  • Airport Surveillance
  • Gas Station Monitor
  • Monitor NET3
  • Old man (Senior Citizen’s) House Surveillance
  • Remote Surveillance
  • Asset Surveillance
  • TV over WLAN

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We have emerged as a formidable force in the Development of Information Technology Solutions for Ports and Harbours operations.We have successfully worked hard to provide workable solutions for the Port and Harbour related businesses.

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