The Bulk Of Our Products Cover Mainly On The Operations Of Ports And Harbours And Its Related Shipping Industries. These Include:

Mobile Apps

  • Ramp Tally App
  • SMS PI Request Platform
  • Container Billing
  • SMS Container Status Querying System
  • Terminal Performance Report Generation (Under construction)


  • Container Terminal Management System
  • Terminal Management System
  • Container Billing
  • EDI Solutions for Ship Messaging
  • Yard Management System
  • SMS Database Query


  • Information Management And Statistical System (Derived from Ghana Community Network (GCNet) Database)
  • Container Billing
  • Consumer Price Index Database System
  • Trade Statistics

Customs Clearing

  • Clearing Work In Progress (CWIP)
  • Bill of Entry Information System (this software package was widely used by clients for the provision of an automated version of the CEPS clearing and documentation processes)
  • Customs Warehousing and Ex-Warehousing System
  • Duty Estimates Information System
  • Deconsolidation Management and Information System
  • Purchase Order, Customs Clearance & Stock Monitoring System

Customised Packages

  • Electronic Case Management System (ECMS)
  • Common Law
  • Container Billing
  • Trade Mark
  • Pharmacist Registration And Monitoring Database

General Packages

  • Stock Monitoring System
  • Job Tracking System
  • Performance Monitoring System
  • Payroll and Personnel Management Information System
  • Standard Invoicing / Billing System
  • Integrated Order Tracking and Clearance Monitoring System

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We have emerged as a formidable force in the Development of Information Technology Solutions for Ports and Harbours operations.We have successfully worked hard to provide workable solutions for the Port and Harbour related businesses.

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